Car care programs

When you buy your car you are automatically included in a service program with the purpose of keeping the car functionality in optimal conditions and the guarantee offered by the producer.

Similarly, when you buy a detailing package from Expert Detailing, you receive a guarantee* and you are automatically included in a car care program which brings you:

  • free solving of the esthetical problems of the car, that accidentally appeared during the guarantee period, regardless of who caused them
  • the preferential prices
  • discounts for groups of cars 

*the interior detailing package benefits by guarantee only if is made together with the protection treatment of the leather or textile upholstery.


How the Expert Detailing guarantee works

Expert Detailing guaranteeIf you buy any detailing services package you get a certain period of guarantee, depending on the service type you bought.

The length of the guarantee is written down on the order sheet but you also can estimate it as follows:

  • For exterior detailing: 6 months
  • For interior detailing: 12 months, if
    you have chosen also the upholstery protection
  • For detailing Premium: 12 months for the exterior and 12 months for the interior, with the condition of restoring the exterior protection at each 6 months (free service).

The guarantee covers any accidentally problem, that can be usually worked out by our exterior and interior detailing services, regardless of who caused it. Come during the period guarantee to one of our centers and we will resolve the problem with a free charge.

The guarantee does not cover the normal worn-out of the lake or paint and the tarnishing caused by the cleaning services improperly performed.

The guarantee is prolonged if you buy a new detailing package.

Preferential prices

If you return to our centers during the guarantee period you have a 30% discount for any detailing service.

The discount is valid permanently within the guarantee time, certainly for services made at the car that benefits by the guarantee.

This discount does not cumulate with other special or promotional offers.

Discount for more cars

Do you have more cars?  If you come to detailing with more than one car you benefit by some extra discounts.

2-5 cars:

  • 5% at the first detailing service
  • 7%+30% at the next detailing services made within the guarantee period

6-10 cars:

  • 8% at the first detailing service
  • 10%+30% at the next detailing services made within the guarantee period 

These discounts do not cumulate with other special or promotional offers.

Some conditions have to be fulfilled in order for you to have access to these discounts:

  • all cars from the group to be scheduled from the same person or company
  • the services to be scheduled and performed within a maximum 2 weeks interval
  • the appointments to be honoured by the client as well

It is not mandatory that the cars to have to same owner but the appointments have to be made by the same person or firm.

The discount is granted to the last cars from the group.

4 cars are scheduled for detailing services, the value of each service is 500 RON. The cumulative discount is 5% * 2.000 RON = 100RON

The dates for the appointments are 1st of May, 5th of May, 6th of May and 8th of May.

The first three invoices are paid in full when they are performed and the last service benefits by a discount of 100 RON.
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