Why should you install car films

securityfilmAre you waiting at the semaphore or in the traffic with a bag next to you? Did you forget on the car seat an apparently value object, a package or the mobile phone headset? Are you driving a sport or an expensive car?

IF you answered with YES at one or more than these questions you are in one of the situations that enhance the risk of becoming the victim of a theft or a robbery.

In order for you to prevent this kind of unwanted events you have, first, to understand the circumstances when they appear. Usually, the offender does not plan, in advance, to break the window. The thief or the robber notices the opportunity and acts immediately. Most of the time, the victims are women whose chances to run after the thief or to fight with him are very low.

Since the thieves do not choose the moment of the day or the place where to act they try the break-in and run in several seconds whether they succeeded to steal the wanted object or not.

An unsecured window is very easy to be broken 

When your car is in the parking space the alarm can't help you very much because the thief finishes the burglary and runs in a few seconds, before the car alarm to draw the attention of the nearby people.

Concerning the robberies at the semaphore, your reactions are slowed-down by the shock of breaking the window. Therefore the thief can steal your bag even before you have the chance to reach the hand and hold it and besides you can hurt yourself in the glass pieces.

In both these situations, the thieves have usually only a few seconds before drawing the attention and they count on the rapidity and the surprise element.

Why the special film represents an efficient method of protection

bmwcarThe special security CAR FILM, transparent or dark applied at the interior of the window, prevents its break-in, up to dozens of seconds (see demonstration 2MB/AVI format).

If you are in the car you have time to react and leave the area or to protect your value belongings. Since the surprise element disappeared it is very likely for the robber to give up after the first attempt because you are already alert and you are able to take the protection measures or to announce the authorities.   

If the car is parked and the unsecured window is hit there are great chances for the alarm to start before the burglar to get access inside. Starting the alarm increases the likelihood of being noticed by the nearby persons and discourages the thief to continue trying to break the window.

The car film has also a prevention role!

By applying dark car film on the lateral windows and the field-glass the visibility from the outside decreases, so that objects left inside are less likely to attract attention. This way there is less risk to become the victim of a burglary attempt.

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