Windshield repair saves time and money for you

window crackBecause of the status of the roads an accident with the car windshield can happen anytime and to anybody.

If you have a damaged windshield the driving becomes insecure because of the low visibility and, besides, you can collect fines from the roads traffic authorities.

Therefore if your windshield is hit or cracked we recommend you to come as soon as possible to one of our centers that offer services for windshields. It is important for the repair to be made very soon since the vibrations when you drive usually determine the aggravation of the crack, hence the irreversible deterioration of the windshield, so its replacement becomes mandatory.

How we repair the cracked windshields

window crackThe crack is vacuumed (the air is extracted from the crack) and a special resin is inserted into the empty left space. As a result of the vacuuming the resin is aspirated so that the fissure is completely filled.

The glass and the resin have the same degree of transparency and the repair is very hard to be seen even from a small distance.

Types of fissures that can be repaired

window crackWith our system we can repair the cracks called "star", "half-moon", or those which are a combination of these types as well as the fissures up to 10 cm.

Duration of the repair

The duration is only 30 minutes and you can drive the car immediately after the repair.

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