Windshields replacement with original parts

windshields replacemet installingIf you need to replace the windshield, when you come to us you benefit of several advantages:

We use homologated products

We offer you, exclusively, windows homologated by the manufacturer. Which means we use the same manufacturer as the cars producer (the windows manufacturer and the cars producer are always distinct).

Good prices 

The windows installing represents an additional service for our company and we perform this service especially with the purpose of offering a full range of services to our clients. We do not "earn our living" from that.

Manual labour for this service is 160 RON+TVA, regardless of the car make and model.

“One stop one shop”.

The windows replacement can be made in parallel with other detailing services (polish, upholstery chemical cleaning, leather treatments, car films application, etc.) or other additional services.

Products on stock

Over 95% of the windows from the most known cars are available on stock. Therefore, the situations when the window has to be ordered (and the replacement lasts longer) are very rear.

Installing in maximum 4 hours 

The windows installing is made in compliance with the highest quality standards and does not take more than 4 hours from the moment you arrive.

Polish window scratches 

The windows polish system used by Expert Detailing, which is unique in Romania at the moment, can take out any scratch from the window.

If you decide to come to Expert Detailing for a window scratch polish you have to take into account that when you remove the scratch it remains so called "magnifying glass effect”. Therefore it is advisable to remove only superficial scratches spread on a limited area. 

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