Removing unpleasant car odours from the air conditioning system

Problem: often inside the car there is an unpleasant smell

Any modern vehicle has an air conditioning system which represents a very important thing for the passengers' comfort.

Although, frequently, when you start the air conditioning equipment an unpleasant smell comes along. Driving the car becomes a source of discomfort and can even cause health problems for those who suffer from allergic or breathing problems or for the children who have, in general, a more sensitive breathing system. 

Where the odours come from?

If the odour does not come from a specific source (ex: you smoke in the car, you spilled alcohol in the car-trunk etc.) the source is often the air conditioning equipment itself.

The functioning of the air conditioning system is based on transforming a cooling agent from gas into liquid which is cooled when it passes through a radiator. The cooling agent travels from an expansion valve to an evaporator that allows the liquid to dilate and evaporate, hence absorbing the warm from the air and lowering the temperature from around the evaporator.

Inside the evaporator, the cooling agent travels through a thin pipes system endowed with cooling ventilators which help in the warm exchange process. As the ventilator of the air conditioning system send air through the evaporator the air is cooled and sent inside the vehicle through the nozzles.

Small drops condense on the cooling elements because of the moisture of the air and adhere to them as an effect of the water superficial pressure.

The combination between moisture, cold and dark provides an ideal environment for bacteria and dust which are caught in the air flow resulting in unpleasant and irritant smells for the breathing system.

The solution

deodorisationIn order to remove the unpleasant smells coming from the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems we use an ultrasound cleaning system, which does not cover the odours but eliminate them directly from the source. 

Through this technology the cleaning and deodorisation products are converted into a thin steam. The steam is transported by the circulation system of the vehicle to the evaporator, cleaning in its way the surfaces and the installation tubes and eliminating the unpleasant smell directly from the source.

You can get optimal results and maintain the quality of the air you inhale inside the car by repeating the treatment annually.


Duration and price 

Removing the odours from the air conditioning equipment takes 20-25 minutes and results in a fresh and clean smell of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems as well as of the inside the car.

This service can be bought alone - the price, in this case, is 147 RON+TVA or together with a detailing treatment - the price is 97 RON +TVA.

The service presentation at TV (movie, 3.9MB)

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