Car care professional services

Car detailing

car polishThe detailing activity includes services of cleaning, improving the aspect, restoring and protection of the external and internal car surfaces.

The modern vehicles involve a wide variety of materials; therefore our detailing specialists are trained to recognize them and use the adequate methods, equipment and substances in accordance with the surface type.

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Application of the car films

car-filmExpert Detailing offers you three types of car films:

  1. Solar protection and look-enhancement film
  2. Security film
  3. Protection film for the exposed areas of the car 

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Windshield replacement and repair

windshields replacement and repairIf your windshield has cracks and paint chips it is not necessary to replace it. Come as soon as you can to our centers and we will tell you if the repair is possible.

The repair cost represents only a fraction of a new windshield and the operation does not affect the visibility. If you want to prevent the cracks to expand you do not have to delay their repair.

If the repair is not possible we also offer you replacement services. We use the same windshields as the car-services approved by the manufacturer and the special fast-drying adhesives allow you to take the car only after a few hours from the windshield replacement.

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